KIMONO REBORN is a cultural and sustainable awareness project that upcycles beautiful and neglected vintage kimono for use by turning them into modern fashion items.

Design notes:The material of this jacket is a most formal Kimono called “Kurotomesode” (means black kimono with short sleeves), which always has an artistic design on its bottom and family crests on both sleeves and the center of the back. In the picturesque parts, there are Chrysanthemum ‘Kiku’(菊) and Chinese bellflower ‘Kikyo’ (桔梗), well-known for the flowers of autumn.
The golden heads of rice and bamboo baskets are drawn between those flowers. Bamboo baskets used to be a staple of daily life in Japan for flower picking and rice harvesting works. The design depicts the beauty of autumn with the flowering image. This piece can be worn in your daily life and enjoyed as an heirloom.

Material: Japanese silk kimono
Liner: Polyester
Jacket production: Handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Jacket shape: A-Line shape with flexible collar form
Length: 100 cm / 40 inches
Shoulder width: 58cm / 23 inches (Wide shoulder for relaxed free size)
Pocket & Slits: Twin side in-seam pockets, Twin side slits
Size to fit: Relaxed free size / 38 – 42 inches (size UK: 10-14 / USA: 6-10)
Model: 172cm (Torso in the photo: 36 inches)

Note: The price doesn’t include inners and accessories.
Cleaning & Care:
● It is delicate item, so we strongly recommend Dry Cleaning only.
● For further information, please read FAQs of this page or feel free to contact us.

Long Kimono Jacket – Upcycled Silk Vintage Formal Kimono – Black Traditional Japanese Kiku Chrysanthemum Autumn Pattern, Kurotomesode, Tomesode