Cleaning and Care


● The vintage kimono, the raw material of KIMONO REBORN clothes, are carefully selected for their quality. They are mostly silk, and some are cotton and wool. We have very few synthetic fiber kimono.

● They are delicate items, so we strongly recommend Dry Cleaning only. In particular, the garments with metal threads need Dry Cleaning since the metal threads will shrink when saturated.

● At your own risk, they can be gently hand washed with neutral detergent in cold water at home by washing separately from other clothes. However, please understand that we cannot assume any responsibility for damages or color fading due to hand washing at home.

● If you don’t use Dry Cleaning, please consult us in advance for your fabric choice by email. Email:


● We strongly recommend hanging your KIMONO REBORN jacket. Store it in a cool and dry place to avoid humidity, heat, and sun light which may damage delicate fabrics like silk.

● Store your kimono jacket in an uncolored hanging garment bag that is breathable.

●In order to keep moths away, we recommend to store your kimono jacket with cedar wood blocks or cedar wood rings for moth prevention. Periodical checking will prevent the garment from being damaged.

●If you will iron the garment, please carefully iron it with low temperature by covering it with a white cotton cloth.

We appreciate your caring mind and long-term use of the KIMONO REBORN garment and other fashion items. Your caring mind will help take care of our Planet.

Thank you