KIMONO REBORN is a cultural and sustainable awareness project that upcycles beautiful and neglected vintage kimono for use by turning them into modern fashion items.

Design notes: Plum blossom, or ‘Ume’ (梅) in Japanese, is the first flower to bloom when winter gradually turns to spring in Japan, makes it symbolizes renewal. While black is usually used for a powerful image in Japanese culture, it contrasts with colorful Ume so well on this jacket, making those flowers pop out even more lively. The original kimono textile is called “Tango Chirimen.”  Chirimen is a form of fabric made of flat-woven silk. While there are various local brands of Chirimen across Japan, one that especially stands out is Kyoto’s “Tango Chirimen,” produced in Tango Province of northern Kyoto Prefecture.

Material: Japanese kimono (Silk)
Liner: Polyester
Jacket production: Handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Jacket shape: A-Line shape with flexible collar form
Length: 82cm / 33 inches
Shoulder width: 55cm / 22 inches (Wide shoulder for relaxed free size)
Pocket & Slits: Twin side in-seam pockets, Twin side slits
Size to fit: Relaxed free size / 36 – 42 inches (size UK: 8-14 / USA: 4-10)
Model: 172cm (Torso in the photo: 36 inches)

Note: The price doesn’t include inners and accessories.
Cleaning & Care:
● It is delicate item, so we strongly recommend Dry Cleaning only.
● For further information, please read FAQs of this page or feel free to contact us.

Kimono Jacket – Upcycled Silk Vintage Kimono – Colorful Floral Plum Blossom Dyed on Black Chirimen Fabric

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