KIMONO REBORN is a cultural and sustainable awareness project that upcycles beautiful and neglected vintage kimono for use by turning them into modern fashion items.

Design notes: This jacket has a traditional motif called “Kikko Hanabishi” in Japanese, which depicts the flower in a tortoiseshell design. The turtle is known as a long-living animal, so the motif symbolizes longevity and good fortune. You will also find Chrysanthemum (Kiku), Pine tree (Matsu) in hexagon, a combination of fortunate Japanese plants. Both of them represent longevity. This jacket is doubtless a good amulet for any who wants to live for a long time with loved ones.

Material: Japanese silk and cotton kimono
Liner: Polyester
Jacket production: Handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Jacket shape: A-Line shape with flexible collar form
Length: 82cm / 33 inches
Shoulder width: 55cm / 22 inches (Wide shoulder for relaxed free size)
Pocket & Slits: Twin side in-seam pockets, Twin side slits
Size to fit: Relaxed free size / 36 – 42 inches (size UK: 8-14 / USA: 4-10)
Model: 172cm (Torso in the photo: 36 inches)

Note: The price doesn’t include inners and accessories.
Cleaning & Care:
● It is delicate item, so we strongly recommend Dry Cleaning only.
● For further information, please read FAQs of this page or feel free to contact us.

Kimono Jacket – Upcycled Silk & Cotton Vintage Kimono – Light Blue Floral Hexagon Geometric Pattern

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