KIMONO REBORN is a cultural and sustainable awareness project that upcycles beautiful and neglected vintage kimono for use by turning them into modern fashion items.

Design notes: Shibori is a Japanese manual tie-dyeing technique, which produces different patterns on fabric. Traditionally, a white cloth was folded, bunched, or twisted, then tied with the thread tightly to leave some white spaces, and finally dipped into a natural indigo dye.
Over the centuries, artisans have developed many methods. The main method that is featured in this yukata jacket is ‘Kumo (クモ)’, which can be translated into ‘Spider’. As you can see on the fabric, it looks like spider webs connecting together!

Material: Japanese cotton kimono (No liner)
Jacket production: Handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Jacket shape: I-Line shape with flexible collar form
Length: 82cm / 33 inches
Shoulder width: 59cm / 24 inches (Wide shoulder for relaxed free size)
Pocket & Slits: Twin side in-seam pockets, No slit
Size to fit: Relaxed free size / 36 – 42 inches (size UK: 8-14 / USA: 4-10)
Model: 172cm (Torso in the photo: 36 inches)

Note: The price doesn’t include inners and accessories.
Cleaning & Care:
● It is delicate item, so we strongly recommend Dry Cleaning only.
● For further information, please read FAQs of this page or feel free to contact us.

Kimono Jacket – Upcycled Cotton Vintage Kimono – Indigo Japanese Shibori Tie Dye Geometric Pattern

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